RED LAKE WATERSHED DISTRICT: and its subwatersheds

Learn More About Your Watershed and its Subwatersheds

The jurisdiction of the Red Lake Watershed District includes land that flows into the Red Lake River and Grand Marais Creek. Learn about the watershed that you live in by clicking on the links below and exploring the pages that were developed for each major subwatershed that is located in the Red Lake Watershed District (RLWD). Each link will take you to a comprehensive compilation of information about each watershed including reports, and photos. The map below highlights the area that is encompassed by the Red Lake Watershed District and how the drainage area of the district is split into five major subwatersheds: Upper/Lower Red Lakes, Thief River, Clearwater River, Red Lake River, and Grand Marais Creek. 

Watershed Restoration And Protection Strategies (WRAPS)

Thanks to the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has been able to provide the Red Lake Watershed District and other organizations with funding for watershed restoration and protection (WRAP) projects for each of the five major watershed in the District (see list below). The Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment has also recently funded the collection of additional data to guide assessment, restoration, and protection efforts through surface water assessment grant (SWAG) water quality monitoring projects for each of those five watersheds. This work will result in restoration and protection plans that will guide the implementation of targeted and effective water quality improvement projects. See links to WRAP-specific information including overall description, schedule, public input, maps, documents, and list of WRAPS-contacts for each subwatershed shown below.

Watershed Education

Learning about the importance of watershed management and water quality health is important for all Minnesotans, as well as staying informed about the protection and restoration efforts in your region and throughout the state. 

Watershed Science 101
Learn more about watershed function and health,
see our page of educational videos.

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